Photography Workshop

Friday, March 8, NABJ at UW-Madison hosted a photography workshop and panel for its current members. Panelists included photographers Tehan Ketema, Francisco Velasquez and Fatoumata Ceesay. The three student photographers gave tips on how to better shoot for their stories and shared their passion for the skill.

Ketema is a recent graduate of UW-Madison, now serving as an outreach assistant for the First Wave Urban Arts and Hip-Hop Learning community. Her photography is well known around campus and nationwide. Her photography has been featured in Vogue Italia.

Velasquez is an up and coming journalist and photographer who got into photography while training in anthropology at the US-Mexican border last summer. His work is a combination of capturing anthropologic artifacts and addressing identity politics and drag culture.

Our last panelist was NABJ member Fatoumata Ceesay who is a self-proclaimed Photography Hobbyist. Her work includes professional headshots and artistic self-portraits. Ceesay currently serves as the Creative Director for Melanin Speaking, campus art and literary magazine at UW-Madison.

After the panel, the guest photographers led a mini-photo walk around the room and helped NABJers shoot their friends, find their angles and use the light. The results were stunning.

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