About NABJ-Wisc

Mission Statement:

NABJ Wisconsin supports reporters, broadcasters, media personalities, producers and media enthusiasts who support diversification of the communications industry.

Our Commitment:

We also work to sensitize campus media to the importance of diverse coverage and a fair workplace. We encourage our members to work in campus media, at professional internships and through community and civic engagement to build a base of experience that commands respect in the communications industry.

Through our networking panels, forum discussions, skill-building workshops and speaking engagements, we help our members meet media professionals and black journalists. By helping our members build a solid network early, we hope to ensure their future success. Our members pursue a diverse set of majors across the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, School of Life Sciences and Human Ecology, The Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, the Communication Arts Department, Arts Institute, and College of Letters and Sciences, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Contact us at nabjwiscpresident@gmail.com if you would like to collaborate with our chapter or to partake in all the professional advantages we offer.

Membership Requirements:

  • No GPA Requirements
  • No Major Requirements
  • Must be an enrolled student at Wisconsin
  • $40 Student Membership Registration Fee (for the national office)

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